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Easter Means Easter Eggs and Chocolate Rabbits?

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Easter Means Easter Eggs and Chocolate Rabbits?

Easter is a little more than a week away. The aisles of the grocery store and the drug store are filled with things pertaining to Easter. Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits dominate the shelves. There are Easter baskets that contain footballs, soccer balls, dolls and junky candy, plastic eggs to put candy in for Easter Egg hunts, and plastic grass in green and PINK (seen any pink grass anywhere except in an Easter basket?).  Egg cups that stand on chicken feet and special plastic dishes are available to serve “Easter  Food”  on—whatever that is.  Easter cards are in the card racks for you to send to all  your friends and relatives as well as bouquets of spring flowers and pots of “Easter lilies.”

Investing in Easter Stuff

You can make quite an investment in Easter stuff if you choose to do so.

For Christians, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead after  his crucifixion. Its history is a bit obscure and controversial (You might Google Easter and read Wikipedia for more information on this.) Regardless of where you read about Easter—in the Bible, on Wikipedia or something that you found on an Internet search—you will not find  that it was celebrated in the early days by Easter egg hunts and fights over who got to take the first bite out of the chocolate bunny’s ears. There were no Easter eggs  and chocolate rabbits.

So just what do eggs, bunnies, and lots and lots of candy have to do with Easter?  There are quite a number of theories but, when it comes right down to it, your guess is as good as mine. (We do know that it is a merchandiser’s dream).

Why Do you Celebrate?

My question is, do you know why you celebrate Easter or why you do not celebrate it? Do  you have an Easter egg hunt? Why or why not? Do you buy Easter baskets? Why or why not? Do you buy pink grass? Why?

One of the important steps in self improvement is to learn to live consciously. This includes knowing what you believe and why you believe it. It means making a conscious, informed choice and acting on it.

Sometimes this means you need to do a careful scrutiny about those areas of your life that have gone un-examined and that may include those things you were taught as a child that you HAD to believe without question.  This can create some degree of discomfort but the payoff can be wonderful. If, for example, you have celebrated Easter all your life without considering what it means and what it means to you and you study it with your head and your heart (yes, I said heart) and make a decision, the celebration takes on a new level of meaning. Or you can continue to enjoy more consciously those enticing chocolate rabbits. You know if and why you will or will not join in the celebration. There is great joy and freedom in that.

Wake up and know why you do what you do

I’m not telling you to leave all your traditions. Please don’t think that even for a moment. I’m simply suggesting that you wake up and know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. No more “sleep walking” through life doing what you’ve always done just because you’ve always done it.

But, what about that pink grass?

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